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How to transport less able visitors in an elevator without the need for excavating a large pit in their premises


The Challenge

Axis have been approached, due to our impressive track record in the elevator industry, by companies with a common problem; how to transport less able visitors in an elevator without the need for excavating a large pit in their premises. We are committed to planning and delivering, often bespoke, elevators which suit your business venue and solve your particular problems. We wanted to answer this requirement with practical, innovative and aesthetic design in mind. We needed to provide excellence in the design of something new; an elevator for use by able and disabled visitors, secure and pleasing to the eye with the least amount of disruption to the building.

Our Solution

We surveyed the site to find the best location for such a lift. Not needing to excavate for the Vertical Platform Lift meant more possible areas opening up to us.  With this came the very welcome choice of options for location; they suddenly increased enormously within the corporate building.

The only building works required is to provide a 240 volt switched fused spur outlet adjacent to the lift.  We removed a section of handrail at the upper level as there is no need to excavate a pit;  the lift is also equipped with a ramp to access the lower level.  If it transpires that a pit is required, it needs to be a mere 85 mm deep.

Next, we installed the lift enclosure and control panel.  Fixings are required into the floor slab and top floor nosings only as the structure supports itself and close to the lift structure is installed the control panel.

In addition to the practical design specification for safe, efficient and easy transportation, our mission is always to make the unit aesthetically attractive.  To this end, we make the hydraulic ram in view and shaft wiring enclosed within the lift structure.

The platform is installed with the lift at the upper level.  Glass panels and the ceiling section then complete the construction at this stage.

The Top Floor Door Operator  incorporates our unique centre parting doors.  The system opens the doors from the middle point, only protruding onto the landing by 450 mm, instead of the more standard swing-type single door arrangement, which extends to 900 mm onto a landing area.  This is clearly absolutely ideal for restricted landing areas and walkways, enabling smooth passage and safety of entrance.


We are proud to show the satisfying result is an elevator to transport your less able visitors, safely and easily to their destination, in a unit which fits into your space with a stunning, clean look to match your working environment.  This, in turn, means more visitors able to get to their destination within your firm, creating more business.  Always good to hear.

In our own Andover offices, our professional team have successfully installed an example of this  new and ideal elevator for this express purpose – our newly launched Vertical Platform Lift.  Clients, therefore, have the ideal place to examine and test our lift in situ, by appointment and with our highly trained experts on hand to answer questions.

Come and see for yourselves and arrange a site inspection at your own premises.  Our professional team is waiting for your call.

This new range is manufactured and supported from the UK.

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