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This lift is a bespoke 8 floor hydraulic lift that recently featured on Channel 4’s Millionaires’ Mansions

The lift is round curved glass on all sides in a the tallest self supporting round glass lift shaft in the country.

As the client required no equipment above the lift, and wanted a willy wonker style glass lift, that came out onto the top of the building 

The lift is propelled from below by a single stage piston that is 21 meters long and set into a 25m deep borehole below the lowest basement

Lift serves 3 basement floors and 5 floors above ground 

The lift car is glass on all 4 walls, with no visible sling and the whole lift was designed from first principals by our own design team.

Bespoke round guide rails were designed specifically for this project and hidden in the door frames to guide the lift.

The whole lift was then clad in bespoke bronze works.


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