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Vertical Platform Lift, Andover Offices


Axis have launched a new range of vertical platform lifts that are manufactured and supported from the UK

We have installed our first unit in our Andover Offices to serve less-abled visitors to access the 1st floor offices, and to allow perspective clients to see a working model.

A survey was completed to find the best location for the lift

Location found

The only building works required is provide a 240-volt switched fused spur outlet adjacent to the lift, and remove a section of handrail at the upper level, as there is no need to excavate a pit because the lift comes with a ramp to access the lower level. (If pit is required then it needs to be just 85mm deep.

Install lift enclosure and control panel


Fixings required into floor slab and top floor nosing only, as structure supports itself.

Control panel sited close to lift structure.

Hydraulic ram in view and shaft wiring enclosed within lift structure to enhance aesthetic finishes.

Top of Enclosure with Platform Installed

Platform installed with lift at upper level awaiting installation of Glass Panels and ceiling section.

Top Floor Door Operator for our Unique Centre Parting Doors

This door system opens the doors with them parting from the centre. This system only protrudes onto the landing by 450mm, instead of the standard swing-type single door arrangement which extends to 900mm into the landing area, making this system ideal for restricted landing areas or walkways.

Fully-glazed and finished installation

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